How to bring down the cost of your upcoming domestic removal

There is little doubt that moving homes is among the most responsible and tough things that many people to through in life these days. Not to mention that this is a rather costly endeavor. Property prices in the UK are quite high, but you are going to have a lot of additional expenses on your way to the newly acquired property. So, several tips about making your upcoming domestic relocation a bit cheaper would be perfect, right?


Why is moving so stressful?


There are several factors that contribute to filling the moving experience with hassle and potential problems.

  • Moving homes brings in a lot of change in people’s life, hence a lot of frustrations and reasons to be anxious.
  • Domestic removals are a logistic nightmare for many people. Even if you are organized and like making plans, you will still find it hard to manage all the aspects of the job on your own. This would stress you out for sure.
  • Additional aspects that are going to potentially bring a lot of trouble including having to move far away from your current location, vacating rented premises, moving with kids, pets or people with special needs.
  • Money is always a problem. Managing your budget during a removal is pretty complex and unless you have a very strict plan to stick to, or you implement some cost-saving techniques, you are in for quite a bit of headache.


Fortunately for you, we live in an age when you can find a solution to most of the issues you have in life by just clicking on a few links on the internet. This fully applies to domestic removal-related subjects as well. Do your research and you will know how to do make your relocation much easier and stress-free.

And now, let’s have a look at some strategies that will help you save some money when you are moving homes.

Do a rubbish clearance before you start packing


If you have been living at your old place for some years, chances are that you have accumulated quite a bit of rubbish for that time. We are not talking only about domestic junk, but tons of old clothes, out-dated appliances and furniture, not to mention all those items – souvenirs, gifts etc. – that people tend to hoard, without actually needing. So, it would be a good idea to spare a couple of days to go through all your things and decide what you actually need to bring along with you to your new place, and what you can live without. When done properly, a house clearance can significantly reduce the amount of boxes to be packed, which means you will need less time and manpower, as well as a smaller transit vehicle to complete your domestic removal. In that way you are going to have to pay less, which is the purpose of the whole ordeal after all.

There are several alternatives to what to do with the items that you choose not to take with you. You can:

  • Recycle
  • Donate (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the old saying goes)
  • Give away to friends and neighbours who need them
  • Sell online for a modest price


End of tenancy cleaning


When you are vacating rented premises there is one more thing that you need to think about on top of actually completing the moving out of your boxes and transporting them to the new location. That is of course, making sure that you are going to receive a refund on your rental deposit. This would be a substantial sum of money and it would be quite a pity if you stand even the slightest chance to lose them. The easiest and surest thing to do in such a situation is to hire a professional cleaning company to carry out an end of lease sanitation on the premises. The cleaners will do a good job in little time. Such services are tailored specifically to satisfy landlords, so for the modest fee that you are going to pay you can count on the fact that you are going to get your money back. Naturally, you can attempt to handle the job on your own too, but you should do so only if you have enough time and energy to spare – and you really think that it would be worth the trouble.


Finding the right movers


Naturally, the most logical and surest way to guarantee you are not going to spend a small fortune on your domestic relocation is to find the right moving company for the job. If you are relocating across some of our big cities – Manchester, Liverpool or London for example – this would not be very hard for you, because the market is full of great bargains. Finding affordable removals in Becontree is just as easy as anywhere else in the capital today. Our advice is to find out which moving companies are operating in your area, and then request quotes from all of them. You will definitely receive offers that are right down your alley and fit your budget. Naturally, you should not under any circumstances rush to the lowest price immediately. First find out what reviews can be found of the service online. Ask for prove of license from the movers and read the fine print in the contract.


Other tips that will help you find the best price from the moving company you consider hiring include:

  • Most contractors offer attractive discounts for mid-week moving jobs (Mon – Thurs)
  • Usually summer is low season for the movers, so they will charge less. Consider postponing your removal until then
  • Look for the movers that offer individualized quotes based on viewings on the premises to be moved

Eventually, it all comes down to research and perseverance. You will definitely manage to find a good deal on your home relocation, so just get down to work and do not worry too much about the outcome of the whole experience.



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