Relocating around London

Typically when people talk about distant relocations they mean moving to another city or another country. In general one would not expect moving around the same city to be much of a hassle. In reality when it comes to London this could not be further away from the truth. The city is simply enormous and we do not mean that it is simply large, but even when simply looking at its surface area it is huge:

The city itself covers an area of around 610 square miles, with its metropolitan area being one of the largest in Europe – spanning 3,200 square miles.

It is also one of the most densely populated spaces on the continent:

The city is made up of around 13 million inhabitants within the urban areas and the adjacent districts. They form a multilingual and multicultural community from all corners of the globe.

While these are ordinarily positive things you can say about a city, in reality all they do is make the relocation process that much more tedious and unpleasant. The extra distance that your usual relocation service has to cover increases tremendously in a city like London. This usually entitles a price increase, as well as more chances for potentially catastrophic mistakes. This means that whenever you are ready to move around the Capital you should think long and hard about the risks that you might face, so that you could skip the humiliating process of cleaning your personal belongings off a random street.

Preparing for your move

Possibly the most essential of all steps: the preparation. It is not hard to see where things can go wrong. Your home belongings are something intimate and when you take them out like this you are exposing them to danger. One key thing to note is that whatever you decide to do you absolutely must have a plan for it, no exceptions. A good starting point is making a note of all of the belongings you currently have at your house, this way you will both get a better understanding of what goes on in your home and you will be prepared for the packing that is to come. It is of vital importance that you avoid rushing anything. Rushing spells disaster for the most part. Anything rushed will end up feeling of a lower quality.

Deciding how to go about it

BY this we mean how to transport your items exactly. In general there are three ways to do it, which are sometimes neglected.

Going with a removal service

The “Usual” decision and perhaps often the best one. Removal companies exist solely for this reason and it would be a proper shame to avoid using them. Practically speaking you are not really losing any money when you hire their services, since they are usually stationed somewhere nearby and the cash that would go into preparing the relocation by yourself would be better spent to hire some professionals to do it for you, making your move better and your day slightly less rainy. While there is always the possibility that the firm you hire might turn out fraudulent, with some simple research you will find the right people for you. One thing to note however is that such firms are better suited to larger moves.

Trying a Man and Van service

This is really a subtype of your generic removal service. Typical speedy man and van helpers can be much more useful when we are talking about small-scale moves. The main difference between them and the relocation services is the amount of manpower they dedicate to every single task. Mind you having less people handling your belongings might turn out to be a good thing. For one, they are always cheaper than an average relocation, often times they are much faster and sometimes the service that a single person can provide is better.

Actually doing it by yourself

While it is recommended to avoid it, it should nevertheless be discussed as a possibility. The reasoning behind our aversion is the incredible amount of stress that every single relocation puts on the people doing it, essentially rendering the experience awful. There is a lot of room for mistake that could be very simply avoided by hiring someone else to do it for you. If money is tight you can try it but you must know what you are doing, because the results could be catastrophic.

Settling in

When you are done relocating it is time to kick back, relax and enjoy your new home. There might still be packing stuff to take care off and there is no relocation without accidents, however this should not keep you from being happy with the results

In conclusion

London is a truly remarkable city, being the size of some small countries. The centuries of history are the background of a very diverse modern day community where everyone belongs. London provides multiple opportunities for work, education and tourism, even for people who have previously lived there moving around it can be a novel experience, due to the scale of the City and the difference between its various parts.

For the most part all such services are readily available and affordable and there is no shortage of them out on the market. Do not hesitate to take advantage if you think that they are the right thing for you


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