Betting on the most popular options

Sports are a very important part of the public’s life. Our children practice them and grow healthy and athletic, we watch sports because of the entertainment or we try to become professionals and play sports in order to be paid for it. Other people deal with sports betting. It is illegal in some countries but most areas of the world allow it in one way or another. Many people will argue that betting on sports is a more efficient way of earning money from gaming in comparison to playing at a casino or lotteries. With betting your luck doesn’t matter as much as your skills. Of course many things can happen and it is fairly tough to predict the outcome of a game. But on the other hand there are the “wise-guys” or “sharps”. These people are professional bettors and they do research for a living. They will now all the stats, variations and most likely outcomes of every game in their respective sport. These people make money from betting on sports and this can really be a profitable occupation. If you ride your bet after a 10£ winning bet only on a 1.6 odd, here is what you get after 5 winning bets:


In short we will just say that it is not enough to just go to a bookmaker’s booth or website and blindly pick a game line and bet on it. The good thing about betting is that you can maximise your chances of winning by improving your knowledge. If you are willing to invest some time and look for information then you will know which bets to stay away from and which bets to go for. We will give you a quick rundown on some of the more popular markets (or tempaltes) on which you can place your money and can expect to earn something in return.


The three way, two way or money line are basically all very similar markets. This is where you bet on the outcome of the game. Three way is the market in sports where the game can end in a draw. Such examples include football, hockey, futsal etc. The first option (1) means that you think that the home team will win. The second option (X) means that the game will end in a draw. And of course the third option (2) means that you suggest that the away team will snag the victory. The two way market does not have the (X) draw option. That’s for sports such as basketball, volleyball, American football etc. At the end of the game there will be a winner for sure. Two way and money line are basically the same template. Now the option on the outcome most likely to happen has the lowest odd. For example if Arsenal plays versus Queens Park Rangers at home, it is very likely that Arsenal will win the game. This is why the return of your bet on Arsenal will not be a huge one. The odd is likely going to be something around 1.30 for a home team victory. This means that a 10£ bet returns earnings of only 13£. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the risk. Now the odd for QPR to win will likely be somewhere around 4.5. This means that with a 10£ you will get 45£. This sounds lucrative but it is fairly unlikely to happen. By learning the rules of the sports you bet on, you increase your chances of having profitable bets.


The spread is a template very popular in most sports and not so much in football. Let’s take basketball for example. We already mentioned the two way template above and how the odds can be quite different depending on who plays who. Now if a bookmaker expects a certain game to be fairly lopsided they will come out with the so called “spread” in order to balance things out. Let us say the Golden State Warriors play against the LA Lakers at home. The Lakers are not in a great shape right now and they will likely lose. The situation is similar to the one between Arsenal FC and QPR mentioned above. The bookmaker will give a certain amount of points to the Lakers to start the game in order to give the user some even odds. The template will look something like that: GS Warriors – 9.5, LA Lakers +9.5. You are going to get even odds for both options, somewhere in the range of 1.85. Betting on the first option means you expect the Warriors to win with at least 10 points of a difference. Choosing the second option means you hope that the Lakers will lose (if they do) by less than 10. This makes the game way more interesting to bet on and eliminates the “heavy favourite” part of the game. By giving you a certain spread the bookie gets rid of the “one team is better than the other” tendency. The weaker the team, the more points it will be given. Why the .5 part, though? Simple, the game cannot end in a tie. If the Lakers are given 9 points advantage and the game ends 90-81 for the Warriors then there is no winning bet and you will have your money back. Nobody wins from non-winning options. Some other famous templates can be:

  • Individual player stats
  • Even/odd end result
  • Over/under a certain score at half time
  • Winning margin


Totals is the third most popular market to bet on.  It is fairly simple. You are asked to foresee whether the total points of both team will be over or under a certain number. Let’s stay with basketball. The bookie will ask you to choose whether the game between the Warriors and the Lakers will be over or under a total of 195.5 points combined. So if the match ends with a score of 97 -93, you will win if you say “under”. 97 + 93 = 190 which is definitely under 195.5.


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