Betting on the most popular options

Sports are a very important part of the public’s life. Our children practice them and grow healthy and athletic, we watch sports because of the entertainment or we try to become professionals and play sports in order to be paid for it. Other people deal with sports betting. It is illegal in some countries but most areas of the world allow it in one way or another. Many people will argue that betting on sports is a more efficient way of earning money from gaming in comparison to playing at a casino or lotteries. With betting your luck doesn’t matter as much as your skills. Of course many things can happen and it is fairly tough to predict the outcome of a game. But on the other hand there are the “wise-guys” or “sharps”. These people are professional bettors and they do research for a living. They will now all the stats, variations and most likely outcomes of every game in their respective sport. These people make money from betting on sports and this can really be a profitable occupation. If you ride your bet after a 10£ winning bet only on a 1.6 odd, here is what you get after 5 winning bets:


In short we will just say that it is not enough to just go to a bookmaker’s booth or website and blindly pick a game line and bet on it. The good thing about betting is that you can maximise your chances of winning by improving your knowledge. If you are willing to invest some time and look for information then you will know which bets to stay away from and which bets to go for. We will give you a quick rundown on some of the more popular markets (or tempaltes) on which you can place your money and can expect to earn something in return.


The three way, two way or money line are basically all very similar markets. This is where you bet on the outcome of the game. Three way is the market in sports where the game can end in a draw. Such examples include football, hockey, futsal etc. The first option (1) means that you think that the home team will win. The second option (X) means that the game will end in a draw. And of course the third option (2) means that you suggest that the away team will snag the victory. The two way market does not have the (X) draw option. That’s for sports such as basketball, volleyball, American football etc. At the end of the game there will be a winner for sure. Two way and money line are basically the same template. Now the option on the outcome most likely to happen has the lowest odd. For example if Arsenal plays versus Queens Park Rangers at home, it is very likely that Arsenal will win the game. This is why the return of your bet on Arsenal will not be a huge one. The odd is likely going to be something around 1.30 for a home team victory. This means that a 10£ bet returns earnings of only 13£. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the risk. Now the odd for QPR to win will likely be somewhere around 4.5. This means that with a 10£ you will get 45£. This sounds lucrative but it is fairly unlikely to happen. By learning the rules of the sports you bet on, you increase your chances of having profitable bets.


The spread is a template very popular in most sports and not so much in football. Let’s take basketball for example. We already mentioned the two way template above and how the odds can be quite different depending on who plays who. Now if a bookmaker expects a certain game to be fairly lopsided they will come out with the so called “spread” in order to balance things out. Let us say the Golden State Warriors play against the LA Lakers at home. The Lakers are not in a great shape right now and they will likely lose. The situation is similar to the one between Arsenal FC and QPR mentioned above. The bookmaker will give a certain amount of points to the Lakers to start the game in order to give the user some even odds. The template will look something like that: GS Warriors – 9.5, LA Lakers +9.5. You are going to get even odds for both options, somewhere in the range of 1.85. Betting on the first option means you expect the Warriors to win with at least 10 points of a difference. Choosing the second option means you hope that the Lakers will lose (if they do) by less than 10. This makes the game way more interesting to bet on and eliminates the “heavy favourite” part of the game. By giving you a certain spread the bookie gets rid of the “one team is better than the other” tendency. The weaker the team, the more points it will be given. Why the .5 part, though? Simple, the game cannot end in a tie. If the Lakers are given 9 points advantage and the game ends 90-81 for the Warriors then there is no winning bet and you will have your money back. Nobody wins from non-winning options. Some other famous templates can be:

  • Individual player stats
  • Even/odd end result
  • Over/under a certain score at half time
  • Winning margin


Totals is the third most popular market to bet on.  It is fairly simple. You are asked to foresee whether the total points of both team will be over or under a certain number. Let’s stay with basketball. The bookie will ask you to choose whether the game between the Warriors and the Lakers will be over or under a total of 195.5 points combined. So if the match ends with a score of 97 -93, you will win if you say “under”. 97 + 93 = 190 which is definitely under 195.5.


Relocating around London

Typically when people talk about distant relocations they mean moving to another city or another country. In general one would not expect moving around the same city to be much of a hassle. In reality when it comes to London this could not be further away from the truth. The city is simply enormous and we do not mean that it is simply large, but even when simply looking at its surface area it is huge:

The city itself covers an area of around 610 square miles, with its metropolitan area being one of the largest in Europe – spanning 3,200 square miles.

It is also one of the most densely populated spaces on the continent:

The city is made up of around 13 million inhabitants within the urban areas and the adjacent districts. They form a multilingual and multicultural community from all corners of the globe.

While these are ordinarily positive things you can say about a city, in reality all they do is make the relocation process that much more tedious and unpleasant. The extra distance that your usual relocation service has to cover increases tremendously in a city like London. This usually entitles a price increase, as well as more chances for potentially catastrophic mistakes. This means that whenever you are ready to move around the Capital you should think long and hard about the risks that you might face, so that you could skip the humiliating process of cleaning your personal belongings off a random street.

Preparing for your move

Possibly the most essential of all steps: the preparation. It is not hard to see where things can go wrong. Your home belongings are something intimate and when you take them out like this you are exposing them to danger. One key thing to note is that whatever you decide to do you absolutely must have a plan for it, no exceptions. A good starting point is making a note of all of the belongings you currently have at your house, this way you will both get a better understanding of what goes on in your home and you will be prepared for the packing that is to come. It is of vital importance that you avoid rushing anything. Rushing spells disaster for the most part. Anything rushed will end up feeling of a lower quality.

Deciding how to go about it

BY this we mean how to transport your items exactly. In general there are three ways to do it, which are sometimes neglected.

Going with a removal service

The “Usual” decision and perhaps often the best one. Removal companies exist solely for this reason and it would be a proper shame to avoid using them. Practically speaking you are not really losing any money when you hire their services, since they are usually stationed somewhere nearby and the cash that would go into preparing the relocation by yourself would be better spent to hire some professionals to do it for you, making your move better and your day slightly less rainy. While there is always the possibility that the firm you hire might turn out fraudulent, with some simple research you will find the right people for you. One thing to note however is that such firms are better suited to larger moves.

Trying a Man and Van service

This is really a subtype of your generic removal service. Typical speedy man and van helpers can be much more useful when we are talking about small-scale moves. The main difference between them and the relocation services is the amount of manpower they dedicate to every single task. Mind you having less people handling your belongings might turn out to be a good thing. For one, they are always cheaper than an average relocation, often times they are much faster and sometimes the service that a single person can provide is better.

Actually doing it by yourself

While it is recommended to avoid it, it should nevertheless be discussed as a possibility. The reasoning behind our aversion is the incredible amount of stress that every single relocation puts on the people doing it, essentially rendering the experience awful. There is a lot of room for mistake that could be very simply avoided by hiring someone else to do it for you. If money is tight you can try it but you must know what you are doing, because the results could be catastrophic.

Settling in

When you are done relocating it is time to kick back, relax and enjoy your new home. There might still be packing stuff to take care off and there is no relocation without accidents, however this should not keep you from being happy with the results

In conclusion

London is a truly remarkable city, being the size of some small countries. The centuries of history are the background of a very diverse modern day community where everyone belongs. London provides multiple opportunities for work, education and tourism, even for people who have previously lived there moving around it can be a novel experience, due to the scale of the City and the difference between its various parts.

For the most part all such services are readily available and affordable and there is no shortage of them out on the market. Do not hesitate to take advantage if you think that they are the right thing for you

Moving abroad? This is what you should know

Just the idea of packing your bags and moving to a place you have never seen before is exciting. Perhaps it is due to a fact that you are moving to a place where no one knows who you are or you just cannot predict and know what is waiting for you and how you will adjust. On the other, hand, you might also feel overwhelmed because you are afraid and concerned about how will everything go and if you are strong enough to handle all these changes. The fact is that moving is a very complex event, especially if you are moving to a different country. There are so many moving tasks to complete and errands to run. No wonder why people say that moving is one of the most stressful things in a person’s life.


Moving abroad is a real adventure. Yes, it is a challenge but it will probably pay off in the end. Here are few facts you should know if you are planning to move abroad. It is better to be prepared and know what to expect.

You need to organize and plan

Before you make your first move, moving and relocating requires a lot of careful planning. You need to be informed and be familiar with all details related to a removal. You need to know where you will live, what permits are required, what documents you need to have prepared, etc. Do you have enough money? There are so many other aspects of removal and so many details you just need to take care of. Therefore, plan your removal carefully because planning is fundamental for a successful removal. It is recommended that you hire professionals for the job for a masterful relocation in London and avoid stress and hassle.

Expect the unexpected


Prepare for hectic situations. And prepare to be overwhelmed. Between all those paperwork, medical check-ups, packing your entire life in boxes and moving to unknown; your emotions will shift and you will feel all sorts of feelings. You will probably be kind of numb during those preparations but once you actually complete everything and sit in a plane, it will hit you. You will question your decision and uncertainty will take you over. But, relax and take it easy. What is done is done. It is just a part of a process. Soon you will be busy exploring your new surroundings.

You will miss your home town and your family and friends

Only independent people will not feel homesick after they arrive at their new home. Others will miss their friends and family, little things like going to a grocery store, eating your mother’s soup, and other. But this is a part of adjusting so it is something you will have to go through. Call your friends and talk to them. Just because you moved doesn’t mean your friendships are over. There are many ways to connect with people and stay in touch including Facebook, Skype, messages, email and other. Keep in touch. It will help both sides.

You will feel lost

Getting to know your new surroundings is tough. You need to learn where important buildings are, how to behave, what social norms are, etc. If you are moving to a large city, you are on your own. This means that people are busy and not sociable as you would expect. So you will need to rely on yourself for starters. There will be many challenges and you have to be ready to face them.

Do ask for help

Even though you will probably surrounded by strangers, don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help. You will be surprised to see that people are willing to help you if you ask for help. You cannot do everything on your own. Humans are born to socialize and help each other.

You will slowly adjust to a new life

The day will come when you won’t feel that nostalgic. You will develop your new routines and have your own life rhythm. Everything will look so familiar and you will meet new people and find new friends who share similar interests. Your new surroundings will start to feel like home. You will just need time and that’s it. Be patient and focus on good thing and in no time you will adjust. In fact, you will adjust so well that you will forget about your old place manners, culture etiquettes and other.

One of them

Very soon, without even realizing, you will become native. One day, you will realize that this is your life here and it is real. This is you now, and no matter how hard you believed you will never adjust completely, you will be surprised by the fact that you feel native. You will be busy with your job, paying bills, commuting, picking your kids from kindergarten, etc. And one day you will wake up and it will hit you. It will be like you have been born there. And that’s a good thing. Place is just a place. Life is other things just mentioned above.

Your life has changed

Perhaps you are moving abroad for just a few years. You will assume that it is no big deal, you will somehow make it and return home. However, those few years are you and your life, and they will change you and your points of view. You will learn new things, make mistakes, push limits, meet new friends, and grow. Your life is happening now. So, regardless if you are planning to move temporarily or permanently, be prepared for severe changes both in your lifestyle and your personality.

Enjoy your life


After you settle down and forget the fuss about moving, you will feel calmer and relaxed. You are here now and you will make the best out of the time and opportunities here. You will create a new life, find a job, raise your kids, go out and have fun. Your life has just begun. So, relax and live every day as if it was your last.

London as the Music Capital of the World

London is a city that excels in many ways.  As a start, it is a major financial, fashion, education and travel hub. The Big Smoke is also known for its luxury real estate property market, rich gastronomic environment, countless parks and many more. It is not surprising that so many people choose to live in the English capital. Statistics show that every year an average of 200,000 people from foreign countries relocate to London. One of the things people need to know before they move to the English capital, apart from how to find helpful moving services in London, is that music plays an important part in the life of every true Londoner. In fact, London is often called the ‘music capital of the world.’

London music scene – then and now

Interestingly, however, the capital of the United Kingdom did not always shine with its music talents. What is more, during the 18th and 19th centuries, many Western European countries made fun of London’s inability to produce a great number of world-recognized composers. In Germany, the home country of Beethoven, Bach, Brahms and Hendel, many people used to refer to England and its capital as ‘Das Land ohne Musik’ or ‘the land without music.’

Today, however, things are much different and now London easily ranks among famous music cities like Austin, Texas, Berlin, New York and Nashville. The local music scene is diverse and often quite unique. The fact that some of the biggest recording companies are set in the English capital also speaks volumes about the city’s music inclinations. In addition, London is a true record-breaker when it comes to the fourth art:

  • The UK capital is home of nearly 250 music venues and ten big concert halls
  • It has a so-called “Night Mayor” whose main task is to maintain the night music scene alive*
  • Nearly 20 of the world’s most famous album covers were shot in the Big Smoke, among which are The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ and David Bowie’s ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars’
  • London is home of the world’s busiest music venue – the O2 arena

*The position of Night Mayor was first appointed a few years after it was discovered that London’s night music venues have started to witness a decline.


No other music city is like London

Similar to many other big cities in the world, London has an impressive number of music venues, night clubs and concert halls on its territory. However, unlike most other metropolitan areas, the English capital is home of some of the biggest acts in the history of music. From Iron Maiden, The Who and Led Zeppelin to Queen, Blur and, of course, The Beatles – the list of singers and bands that kicked off their legendary careers in London is incredibly lengthy. Even today, London stands its ground on the international music scene. Over the past one decade, nearly half of the ten top-selling music artists came from London and included Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Adele and Pink Floyd.

One of the reasons behind this massive success started during the 1960s, when UK culture suddenly begdan to gain rise in the United States. That was known as the British Invasion and it was stirred by the American youth population who was attracted by the rebellious songs of the Rolling Stones, the Animals and the Beatles. The trend is alive even today mainly due to English’s status of an international language.

London’s many music genres

The capital of the United Kingdom is a true innovator when it comes to music genres. It is considered the birthplace of trip hop, punk rock, Britpop and various electronic music subgenres. That, however, does not mean that Londoners do not have an appreciation for the more traditional types of music. London simply offers the perfect environment for music modernization and trend-setting. It is a true melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, in which different influences appear, merge and evolve in unexpected ways, giving music a new shape and direction. For instance, the drum and base music genre is heavily influenced by reggae and dub sounds which are typical for Jamaica. Ska, another London-born genre, is a mixture between Jamaican and Caribbean music, as well as American jazz songs. Some grime tracks also incorporate Caribbean and African melodies.

Future that does not look bright

Unfortunately, London may soon lose its global music capital title. Musicians in the city are now facing various challenges which did not exist ten or even five years ago. The biggest of them is the major decrease in the number of live music venues in the English capital. For less than a decade, clubs and bars that organize special music events and concerts has fallen from 348 to under 250. Newly-rising stars seems to take the hardest and heaviest blow as the music venues that were dedicated to specifically promoting them have witnessed a decline of about 60%, dropping from almost 140 to barely 88.


London’s bands and artists also enjoy less freedom and have fewer opportunities to work on their music than ever before. In the past, musicians in the capital city could easily make ends meet through squatting or by making an additional something by busking on the streets of the Big Smoke. All of that changed, however, when the UK government made squatting illegal in 2012 and when some of London’s central districts started to prohibit street music performances. Even recording companies seem to have turned their backs on London music talents by monopolizing studios around the city. Some of the newest practices in the local music industry often make new artists to do their promoting on their own. Often performers are not paid when they are invited to participate even in major music festivals and events around the city.

Given that more than 6 million people visit London every year just so that they can go to a music concert or a small gig, it is more than clear that the city needs to fight harder to remain the world’s music capital.


City of London – A Country within a City

The City of London, colloquially known as Square Mile, is a really unique and special place not only in the realms of the English capital, but also in the context of the entire United Kingdom. Although it is older than the UK itself by a few hundred years, many people all over the world are still unfamiliar with the particular history and status of this city/country.

What is “City of London?”

The City of London should not be mistaken for London or Greater London. Even though it is located within the metropolis of London, it functions as a separate city. This means that it has laws, taxes an even a police department of its own. The City of London’s mayor is called The Right Honorable, The Lord Mayor of London and he or she works in a separate city hall and wears special garments. The mayor of London, on the other hand, is simply known as the Mayor of London and the only thing you will see him or her wearing is a business suit.

The City of London has a status similar to that of the separate countries that make up the United Kingdom. Just like to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the tiny city within London has a flag and a coat of arms. The English capital, however, has neither of these two things. Here it should be noted that the City of London should not be viewed as an independent country, but rather as an area that enjoys special rights and treatment.


The reason behind the City of London’s existence

The history of the City of London is older than that of Greater London. The Romans founded a settlement called Londinium at approximately the same place of the City of London’s current location. To protect it from other invaders, they decided to construct a massive wall around it. Years passed, the Romans left the British Isles, but Londinium and the wall surrounding it remained on their place for many long centuries.

The turning point in the history of the City of London was influenced by the 1066 Norman invasion of England. When William the Conqueror became King of England, he agreed to officially recognize the City of London as a territory with a special status. In return, the City of London recognized the ruler as the new king. Ever since then, this small part of the London metropolis lives a life of its own. The rulers of the country changed, but every new king or queen continued to follow the tradition established by nearly one thousand years ago. In fact, part of the United Kingdom’s coronation process includes a pledge by the soon-to-be ruler that he or she will recognize the City of London as a separate local authority.

Square Mile as a Financial Center

Nowadays, the City of London covers area of barely 1.12 square miles, thus its nickname “Square Mile.” Most of its territory falls in the London Borough of Southwark. Only the Tower of London is located within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Just like a regular city, the City of London is subdivided into different administrative divisions. The Square Miles consists of a total of 25 wards. Many of them include the word “gate” in their name, since they covered an area that fell inside and outside the London Wall. Among them are Aldgate, Cripplegate and Bishopsgate.


Even though only 11,000 people live in the City of London, the area is one of the busiest in the London metropolis. That is due to the fact that Square Mile is one of the largest financial and business districts in the world.

  • More than 392,000 people work in Square Mile
  • Over 98% of all companies in the City of London are small or medium-sized enterprises
  • Interestingly, it is also in direct opposition of another financial district in London – Canary Wharf*

*Canary Wharf’s population is bigger (73,390), but the number of people who work in the district are fewer compared to those who have a job in the City of London.

  • There are more than 250 foreign bank institutions and nearly 530 foreign-based companies operating on the territory of the Square Mile
  • Insurance, business, professional and ICT services are the most well-represented spheres in the City

Popularity among locals and foreigners

Despite its predominantly business character, the City of London attracts people from every corner of the world. Some of the most appreciated nearby landmarks and attractions are the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Monument to the Great Fire of London. Tourists are also lured by the futuristic skyscrapers in the area, the tallest of which is Leaden Hall (225 meters).

The local real estate market is also booming boosted mainly by the interest of rich foreigners. Nevertheless, if you are a billionaire who is looking to buy a fancy property in the City of London, do keep in mind that the homes in the Square Mile tend to be overpriced. Therefore, it is not surprising that one in every 10 properties in the City of London is owned by individuals or companies based in offshore tax havens. Still, living in the area does offer quite a lot of advantages. Most of its wards are located incredibly close to trendy pubs, bars and restaurants. The abundance of local markets and shopping streets certainly appeal to shopaholics and fashionistas and the easy access to outdoor spaces and parks is a yet another perk of living or working in the City of London.

The residential buildings in the Square Mile seem to reflect its rich and diverse history. The unusual mixture of contemporary-styled apartments and Edwardian and Victorian terraced houses seen in wards like Aldgate, for instance, gives the City of London a charm of its own. Everything about that part of the London metropolis is different. So, if you ever decide to relocate to Aldgate, for example, make sure you find reliable moving solutions in Aldgate.


How to bring down the cost of your upcoming domestic removal

There is little doubt that moving homes is among the most responsible and tough things that many people to through in life these days. Not to mention that this is a rather costly endeavor. Property prices in the UK are quite high, but you are going to have a lot of additional expenses on your way to the newly acquired property. So, several tips about making your upcoming domestic relocation a bit cheaper would be perfect, right?


Why is moving so stressful?


There are several factors that contribute to filling the moving experience with hassle and potential problems.

  • Moving homes brings in a lot of change in people’s life, hence a lot of frustrations and reasons to be anxious.
  • Domestic removals are a logistic nightmare for many people. Even if you are organized and like making plans, you will still find it hard to manage all the aspects of the job on your own. This would stress you out for sure.
  • Additional aspects that are going to potentially bring a lot of trouble including having to move far away from your current location, vacating rented premises, moving with kids, pets or people with special needs.
  • Money is always a problem. Managing your budget during a removal is pretty complex and unless you have a very strict plan to stick to, or you implement some cost-saving techniques, you are in for quite a bit of headache.


Fortunately for you, we live in an age when you can find a solution to most of the issues you have in life by just clicking on a few links on the internet. This fully applies to domestic removal-related subjects as well. Do your research and you will know how to do make your relocation much easier and stress-free.

And now, let’s have a look at some strategies that will help you save some money when you are moving homes.

Do a rubbish clearance before you start packing


If you have been living at your old place for some years, chances are that you have accumulated quite a bit of rubbish for that time. We are not talking only about domestic junk, but tons of old clothes, out-dated appliances and furniture, not to mention all those items – souvenirs, gifts etc. – that people tend to hoard, without actually needing. So, it would be a good idea to spare a couple of days to go through all your things and decide what you actually need to bring along with you to your new place, and what you can live without. When done properly, a house clearance can significantly reduce the amount of boxes to be packed, which means you will need less time and manpower, as well as a smaller transit vehicle to complete your domestic removal. In that way you are going to have to pay less, which is the purpose of the whole ordeal after all.

There are several alternatives to what to do with the items that you choose not to take with you. You can:

  • Recycle
  • Donate (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the old saying goes)
  • Give away to friends and neighbours who need them
  • Sell online for a modest price


End of tenancy cleaning


When you are vacating rented premises there is one more thing that you need to think about on top of actually completing the moving out of your boxes and transporting them to the new location. That is of course, making sure that you are going to receive a refund on your rental deposit. This would be a substantial sum of money and it would be quite a pity if you stand even the slightest chance to lose them. The easiest and surest thing to do in such a situation is to hire a professional cleaning company to carry out an end of lease sanitation on the premises. The cleaners will do a good job in little time. Such services are tailored specifically to satisfy landlords, so for the modest fee that you are going to pay you can count on the fact that you are going to get your money back. Naturally, you can attempt to handle the job on your own too, but you should do so only if you have enough time and energy to spare – and you really think that it would be worth the trouble.


Finding the right movers


Naturally, the most logical and surest way to guarantee you are not going to spend a small fortune on your domestic relocation is to find the right moving company for the job. If you are relocating across some of our big cities – Manchester, Liverpool or London for example – this would not be very hard for you, because the market is full of great bargains. Finding affordable removals in Becontree is just as easy as anywhere else in the capital today. Our advice is to find out which moving companies are operating in your area, and then request quotes from all of them. You will definitely receive offers that are right down your alley and fit your budget. Naturally, you should not under any circumstances rush to the lowest price immediately. First find out what reviews can be found of the service online. Ask for prove of license from the movers and read the fine print in the contract.


Other tips that will help you find the best price from the moving company you consider hiring include:

  • Most contractors offer attractive discounts for mid-week moving jobs (Mon – Thurs)
  • Usually summer is low season for the movers, so they will charge less. Consider postponing your removal until then
  • Look for the movers that offer individualized quotes based on viewings on the premises to be moved

Eventually, it all comes down to research and perseverance. You will definitely manage to find a good deal on your home relocation, so just get down to work and do not worry too much about the outcome of the whole experience.


Different types of hauling trucks

Hauling goods from one place to another is not as simple as you may think, especially if you are not using the right transportation vehicle. This is why we decided to turn your attention towards several vans and trucks, and the items that they are best suited to transport.


Also known as box or straight trucks, these vehicles are classified as medium trucks and are perhaps the most used hauling vehicles on the planet. They usually range from 4 to 7 metres and are used for short and medium distance delivery jobs. Their cargo sections have one large rear door which in some case is complimented with a tail lift. Some types of Lutons have also a smaller door at the back of the cabin which allows drivers to easily access the cargo compartment and check the hauled goods for any damages. Most man and van companies use box trucks to transport mid-sized items such as:

  • Couches
  • Arm chairs
  • Beds
  • Standalone wardrobes
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bathroom appliances
  • Larger pieces of electronics
  • Garden furnishings

Ford and Mercedes are considered to be the best luton manufacturers on the planet. The maximum payload capacity of these vehicles ranges in dependence of their maker and model.


Flatbed lorry

Flatbed lorries can be either light or medium trucks. Their trailers can be rigid or articulate and don’t have any walls or roof. This type of vehicle is mainly used for the hauling of extra-large, super heavy and bulky items which cannot fit into standard walled trailers. They are also frequently used for the delivery of other transportation vehicles such as automobiles, small and mid-sized boats, motorcycles, small airplanes, agricultural machines, small trucks and etc. The bed is usually made of wooden planks which are coated with a protective layer. Some trucks are fitted with a hydraulic arm which facilitates the loading and unload process. The hauled goods are secured via safety straps which prevent the transported items from moving and shifting during transit. Flatbed lorries range in size and have a diverse loading capacity. While they are helpful vehicles, nowadays their usage is on the decline as most companies prefer to use trucks which have closed trailers as they offer a higher level of security and keep the hauled objects safe from natural elements.



Vans are as much used as lutons. They are identified as medium trucks but have a lighter version which is more commonly known as a minivan and is used mainly for the transportation of people. Vans just like most hauling vehicles range in size and have a payload that ranges in dependence of their manufacturer and model. They are used in numerous industries such as postal services, delivery firms, low cost man and van solutions in Abbey Wood, healthcare institutions, police and so on. Most service providers use them to carry out short distance jobs which involve the hauling of light and mid-weighted items. Ford, Fiat, Nissan and Mercedes are renowned for making the best and most durable vans in the world.


Tractor truck

Better known as tractor unit or semi-truck, this vehicle is a heavy truck that can be attached to one or several heavy duty trailers (closed or flatbed). There vehicles have an immense payload capacity that can reach to up to 40 tonnes. General tractor trucks have a multi-ratio transmission which enables them to have maximum flexibility in gearing. They are mostly used for large scale transportation projects and long distance hauls which involve the moving of huge quantities of goods or heavy items such as construction materials and machinery, manufacturing equipment, wooden material, vehicles, oversized items, delicate artwork and vintage furnishings and etc. The best tractor truck makers are:

  • Navistar International
  • Peterbilt
  • Volvo
  • Scania
  • Kenworth
  • Freightliner

Some units are built with a sleeping compartment that comprise of one or two beds which can be used by drivers while they are on the road.

4Ballast tractor

The ballast tractor is a specially designed and built transportation unit which is classified as a heavy hauler. It has a drawbar with the aid of which it can pull or push extremely heavy and large tailored loads. Typically these vehicles are used to haul elements which are used in the construction of oil rigs, bridges, buildings, ships, turbines, large scale generators and etc. Only a handful of countries and manufacturers produce ballast tractors as the vehicle is extremely complex and expensive to make. Many experts claim that German company MAN makes the best ballast tractors in the world.


Heavy hauler and SPMT

Just like the ballast tractor, the heavy hauler is ranked as a heavy duty truck. It is used for the transportation of oversized items which are too large to be hauled via traditional transportation vehicle. The truck consists of a tractor unit and a multi-axled flatbed trailer known as self-propelled modular transporter (some types of trailers are fitted with independent steerable wheels in order to facilitate maneuvers in tight spaces). There are occasions in which the trailer is being pulled by one unit from the front and pushed by another unit in the back. The vehicle is so heavy that it is mostly used for short distance projects. The heavy hauler is described as an engineering marvel by experts and is perhaps the most complex hauling truck on the planet.

Stake body truck

The stake body truck is a variation of the flatbed truck. The main different is that the trailer isn’t entirely open as it has walls which are removable if the job demands its. These vehicles can be used for the same types of jobs as lutons, vans and flatbed trucks. They are also often used for the hauling of breakable items such as windows and mirrors as they can be fitted with specialised glass stands or items which must be transported in the upright position such as laundry machines, refrigerators, vending machines, standalone ovens and etc.


Garbage trucks

As the name suggest these vehicles are specially designed for the hauling of rubbish. Their trailers have compactors which smash the garbage and therefore open more space. They are classified as heavy trucks and are mused mainly by waste clearance company and junk depots.