The basics of moving to London

One of the oldest and most prosperous cities on the Old Continent is London. For centuries it has attracted people from all walks of life and from different places around the world. Whether you are a foreigner or an Englishman, moving to a new city is an overbearing experience, especially in one as big as London.

Why London

There are many reasons to move to the capitol of the UK. One of the most romantic, if hardly practical is tourism. A lot of people choose the city as a sightseeing destination due to its incredibly rich history and the landmarks to show for it, allowing for days and even weeks and months of exploring without ever getting bored.


Home to the world renowned Imperial College, as well as many other famous academic institutions, it is a small wonder why so many students choose to study there. Asides from the superior quality of education, London offer a great deal of distractions for young people. It is one of the most prominent night life centers in west Europe and every year it’s home to hundreds of very different from one another festivals.

Lastly, London is one of the most prominent commercial centers of the world, home to the second largest stock exchange in the world after the one in New York. A lot of companies choose to make the city their seat and by far business is most frequently the reason to move to the capitol.

How to prepare for the move itself

If you have ever had to move your home, you should be well aware of the hassle that the whole process entitles. It is neither an easy nor a simple task, as it requires you to consider:

  • Transportation
  • Packing
  • Inventory

and much, much more. The best course of action would be to enlist the aid of professionals for the various needs, or just call a complete service like these dedicated movers in London.

If you are planning to do it by yourself (or you are just a bit short on dosh) you are going to have to prepare adequately for it. You should first procure packing materials as they will be the only thing protecting your property from ruination at the back of some van. Consider the environmental impact of the process and get only biodegradable products.


You can very easily hire a vehicle to move all of your belongings, however loading and unloading it requires a strong back. Consider getting a friend to help you with moving, especially if the cargo will be rather large, as the first thing you want to be doing in your new place is not laying in bed or on the floor in agony.

Do be careful if you decide to hire some company, other than the one we recommend as some of them can be potentially fraudulent. Keep your wits about you and always do background checks before booking their services.

I am here, now what do I do?

Unpack, obviously.

Jokes aside, a lot of people would neglect to actually finish settling in from all the excitement of the new location, however this could be potentially problematic.

No matter how good their packing is, your items are bound to suffer some sort of damage from remaining in them, so getting them out as soon as possible should be a priority.

Also some problems are not visible until you have placed all of your property at the new places it should be. You should strive to get everything fixed from the start, as you might not have the time necessary for it later.


Another thing we recommend is that you socialize. Asides from fulfilling basic human needs you would receive a lot of very necessary information about your new place of residence, that you would have no other means to procure. Knowing your neighbors pays enormous dividends as you will need a lot of help when you first move in, and besides it creates a much more comfortable living environment than the one you would have experienced otherwise.

Barring your own tenement, you would not survive for long when you have no idea where to go to get supplies. Again your fellow tenants are your best bet, as they would know all the best places to shop nearby. Do not be afraid to ask for everything you need.

You might even get the chance to carpool to some large brand store to get supplies cheaper if you are persistent enough, just do not take advantage of the hospitality of your neighbors as it could backfire quite dramatically.

Long time residents also are best acquainted with locations to visit for recreation both locally and in the city as a whole.

What to do in my spare time?

Well you could always go sightseeing, as London has the most landmarks of any other European capitol. Pretty much every single building in Westminster has some historical significance: Buckingham palace, Westminster palace, Westminster abbey to name a few. An idea that would seem silly is to hop on a double-decker tour bus. This way you can map out a route to go on by foot and visit each of the landmarks included in the tour that you liked.

Like we mentioned before, London has one of the biggest nigh life scenes in all of western Europe. Most young people should be well acquainted with the places that you absolutely must visit. You can also do like all the other young adult tourists do and hop from venue to venue (follow the Germans, they usually know where to go precisely).


in the end the most important thing to remember is to keep calm and not let the experience overwhelm you. Take it easy and slow and ask for directions. being polite and friendly with your neighbors will go a long way to a pleasant stay at your new place. Also London is not a place where you can possible get bored.


Transportation of Goods by Sea: The Vessels

Transportation of goods by sea, technically known as shipping, is one of the oldest methods for moving commercial goods and personal belongings from one location to another. Shipping itself is as old as seafaring and people have been doing it for thousands of years. At first, vessels were quite primitive so they couldn’t travel too far, and were quite unreliable, so many men and much cargo were lost in storms, accidents and other maritime disasters. As human civilisation advanced, and so did its knowledge of navigation, construction etc. skills and knowledge, ships also improved in terms of strength and reliability. As the centuries rolled on, certain ancient civilisations became true seafaring and shipping masters, and were able to travel ever longer distances, and most importantly bring their crews and cargo safely back to homeport.

In the early days of shipping, vessels were basically the same in purpose and layout – ships were meant to carry cargo, the type of cargo they carried was varied, but as long as it met the ship’s capacity in terms of weight, size and volume the ship was able to transport it. As economy diversified, so did trade amongst peoples of the world. Gradually there were more and more types of commercial goods traded or sold at faraway markets, which meant shipping had to evolve and advance in terms of infrastructure i.e. the vessels, and also navigation, reliability etc. However it wasn’t until the early nineteen hundreds that actual diversification of commercial vessels began to appear.  Perhaps the earliest specialised type of commercial vessel appeared in the eighteen eighties, that was the tanker ship.

One of the pioneering designs in specialised commercial shipping was the bulker, or bulk carrier ship. This type of vessel was relatively simple in design and layout, and as its name implies it is meant to carry materials and supplies in bulk. Generally, a bulker has large internal cargo holds along most of its hull. In the case of the bulker, raw/dry materials are basically poured down the hold until it fills, then the hold hatches are closed and sealed to preserve cargo during transportation. In order to offload cargo from bulker ship, ports usually use bulldozers or specially fitted cranes, known as grabs.

Another type of vessel, which has proven key to the world economy since its implementation is the tanker ship. Tankers aren’t only meant to carry crude oil, although oil tankers are the most common representative of this vessel class. Some tankers may appear similar to the eye, but in fact each type of tanker is specifically designed and constructed to carry a specific type of liquefied fuel, like various gas tankers. In modern times, tankers have become proper fuel refineries in themselves, not just mere carriers of crude oil. Nowadays, there a special hybrid tankers known as FPSOs which stands for floating production storage and offloading of oil products.

In the last fifty or so years, a revolutionary for its day type of vessel was engineered – the container ship. Container ships carry various types of goods ‘packaged’ in standard sized containers, which are basically steel boxes either twenty or forty feet in length. Container shipping is also a preferred method for conducting overseas property removals of all scales and sizes. Various professional movers in Camden Town maintain and provide international removal services for private and commercial customers. Containers are locked or bolted together on top of each other so that the ship and its cargo are more stable. Container ships are revolutionary also in the sense that they take very little time to load and unload, as compared to any other type of vessel or if the goods were ‘packaged’ and transported in any other way. For instance, if certain type/amount of cargo takes 3 or 4 days to unload, the same containerised cargo would take 3 or 4 hours to load or unload.

Container ships were the brainchild of a retired New Jersey truck driver Malcolm McLean. At first his idea found no interest amongst shipowners and shipbuilders in the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties. So to prove his point, he set out to construct his own design concept. In ten years’ time from Mclean’s first design construction, container shipping had taken over the world in a landslide. At first container ships were only able to carry couple of hundred of containers, nowadays modern container vessels are able to transport thousands of containers.

Shipping goods and materials around the world is made possible by use of various other types of vessels. Food supplies and certain perishable goods for instance are transported over long distances in specialised refrigerated cargo ships. These ships are also commonly used to transport food supplies and produce from point of origin to their intended market or site of further processing. Livestock of various sizes is transported in special vessels, simply known as livestock carriers. One of the relatively modern examples of cargo ship is the vehicle carrier, or car carrier as there are commonly known. These vessels have distinctive shapes and cannot be mistaken. A car carrier is a variation of the more common type of vehicle transport ship, known as Ro-Ro ship. A variation of the oil tanker is the LNG carrier, a specially constructed vessel designed to carry liquefied gases, in pressurised, low temperature storage containers. The workhorses of the sea, so to say, are the heavy lift vessels, these ships are able to haul oversized, overweight cargo such as sections or elements of oil rigs and other similar parts and equipment, over long distances. Dry cargo vessels are another common type of commercial vessel used for transit of various types of cargo. Last but not least there are tugs. Although tugs’ primary function is to assist larger vessels in manoeuvring, they are also widely used to pull and push cargo barges loaded with different bulk cargo, equipment, sections of ships (for shipbuilding industry) etc.

Things you can do with an old computer

No matter whether you have finally bought a new PC or a high end laptop, or you have found your old computer while clearing off the garage or the attic, there is no need to rush and throw away this magnificent piece of ancient technology. Even though the modern tech world develops literally by the second, and pieces of equipment that were hip last year seem morally out-of-age today, there are many good reasons why you should consider keeping your old computer. Listed below are several things that you can utilize it, which you will definitely find to be quite useful.

    • Turn your old PC into a home server. This would be particularly useful in those cases when you are running a whole network at home and there are multiple users on it – a spouse, roommate or kids for example. Your old PC would be perfect for setting up a network attached storage or even a fully-fleshed server for that matter. There are several things that you will have to tune up in order to make the old system suitable for the job, like setting up the cooling fans to work in quite mode (check out the BIOS for such an option), and make the necessary adjustments to the operating system. You will not need a monitor and other periphery (mouse, keyboard etc.) when the system is used as a server – just for the time when you are setting it up. Most frequently used operating systems work well for home servers, including Windows XP and Windows 7, but it would be tricky to figure out the settings – after all they have not been created to suit such purposes. If you want to spare yourself the hassle and make sure that you will not have any unforeseen problems, you can simply invest into buying Windows Home Server.
      • Another great thing that you can do with an old PC you will no longer be using would be to donate it to a local schools. While many schools nowadays invest into buying computers for educational purposes, it would not be an exaggeration to say that school computers are never enough. It would not cost you a thing to make such a good-will gesture in order to improve the conditions under which kids from your area are studying, so if your old system is operational and able to run some of the most basic software around, do not hesitate to donate it.



  • Alternatively you can always give your old system to a relative with modest computing needs. If you have a brother-in-law or even a mother who like to browse the internet or play some pretty basic browser-based games, then you can always consider giving the system that you do not need any way to them. Tread carefully though, because by making such a gesture you become the go-to guy for any sort of technical problems that may arise. Furthermore, while the old computer might be a great gift for your retired-trucker uncle who has not touched a PC in his life, it is not suitable for your kids – they are much more likely to need a higher-end modern system, especially if they are hard-core gamers or have hobbies like photography that require heavy use of Photoshop and other such software.


    • Wer have already mentioned games either way. So, here are two things that your old PC would be perfect for even if it is not powerful enough to run the latest titles. First, if you are into online games, you can always turn it into a dedicated server. Thus you will be able to play Call of Duty with your buddies at any time, or weave complex political schemes in Civilization IV. The opportunities are immense, because a wide range of multiplayer games support dedicated servers today. Another gaming-related use of an old computer would be for playing… well, old games. Old-school gaming is becoming more and more popular, and though platforms such as Good Old Games offer re-mastered editions of nearly all of your favorite games as a kid that can run on modern operating systems and hardware, nothing can substitute the feeling of kicking DOOM II classic style. Another thing you can do is install MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator), which will enable you to play all those great arcade games from the past.
  • You can make your old PC a communal one. Put it in the living room, so that everyone at home can use it for quick email checks and leisurely browsing. It comes at handy and all you are going to need is to make sure that you have proper Anti-virus software installed, since the more people use a computer, the more likely it is to come across a website that would attempt to download a Trojan or another malicious software.


    • Last but not least, you can always just sell your old PC. We can guarantee you that somewhere in your area there is a person who is looking to buy a computer and they are looking to do it at a cost. This would be because the person in question needs a second family computer or because of the simple reason that they cannot spend the money needed for a new high-end PC – or just do not need it. So check out what exactly your old system is and put up an add on Amazon or wherever. Chances that you will be able to make the sell within just a few days and you can always use a little bit of cash, right?

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can utilize your old PC, even if you initially thought that it is too old and useless. Think about what would the best way to proceed would be for you, instead of immediately throwing the system away. Remember, it is always better to use it, instead of keeping the PC just for sentimental purposes too.